Customizable Platform Technology

Enables High Affinity Monoclonal

Antibody Discovery

Isolated antibodies possess much greater drug binding and selectivity compared to previous efforts in the scientific literature

Pharmacokinetics of free drug

Substance of abuse distributes from blood to the brain, where it interacts with receptors to cause psychotropic and potentially dangerous effects.



Pharmacokinetics of drug-specific antibody

Our antibody therapy binds to the substance of abuse in the bloodstream, preventing it from getting into the brain and exerting its harmful and psychotropic effects.

blood-brain barrier

Monoclonal antibodies sequester the substance of abuse in the bloodstream, preventing it from affecting the brain. The use of monoclonal antibodies allows for tight control of dosing as well as providing immediate protection after treatment. The monoclonal antibody is restricted to the blood stream, and thus not likely to have abuse potential of its own or to induce psychiatric side-effects common to other treatments for substance use disorders.

Fentanyl Program

Nicotine Program

THC Program


CMC & Tox

Phase I

Phase II

Fentanyl Overdose Prevention
CSX-1004 IV (mAb infusion)
Fentanyl Overdose Prevention
CSX-1004 SQ (mAb subcutaneous)
Rapid Fentanyl Overdose Reversal
CSX-1100 (scFv auto-injector)
Smoking Cessation
CSX-3002 (mAb infusion)
Cannabis-Induced Psychosis
CSX-5000 (mAb infusion)